elchlos® PR&FILM . Multidimensional communication.  in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein 

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multidimensional communication 


elchlos® PR&FILM 


Digital Communication. One Step Ahead. Convince. 

Public Relations. Effective, professional, budget-friendly.  

Digital Cinema Production. Advertising -psychologie and -film. 

Commercial, digital PR, Advertising Psychology 

Multidimensional Communication. More than film. Started 2009. 

Communication & Adv. Psychology 

Focus on communication. By means of advertising-, social psychology and digital communication, we ensure the efficient conveyance of your message. 

Strategy / concept development with explicit. Focus on your target group and a low budget. 

Digital Cinema - budget friendly 

Small professional teams and ready-to-use equipment for digital cinema productions ensure that film projects can be realized quickly, efficiently and even with a small budget.


Story. Word. Sound. Vision. 

Public Relations & Partners 

Our clients do not have a million-media budget for repeated TV broadcasts. Therefore, they depend on psychological efficiency and on skilful placement and distribution of the advertising message on the Internet and social media, which we realize with experienced partners.

Strategy. Concept. Production. Creativity. 

My Conviction. 

Cinematic communication. 


Advertising psychology concepts. 

History. Sound. Image. emotion. 

Advertising film. 

Desire and sympathy. 

Word. Sound. Music. 

< budget. Efficiency. 


elchlos® PR 

Multidimensional communication. 



Strategic advertising psychology communication. 

Identifying goals... 



Address target groups online 

Advertising in change. 


The right word.  


Persuasive communication 

Language, word.
Sound, music.
Idea, wish.
Image, film.
Dream, goal.

elchlos® FILM 

Filmproduktion NORD from Germany - Commercials - Concept - Digital Cinema Production  





"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it", Albert Einstein 

elkless, independent, always 



                    DIGITAL COMMUNICATION.

                                 PUBLIC RELATIONS.

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