elchlos® FILM  | Filmproduction NORD | in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein 

Office: Marienthaler Str. 17 - 24340 Eckernfoerde, Germany  (TOEZ) | Phone: +49.4351 735.219 | Email: film@[websitename]  

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elchlos® FILM 


Digital Cinema Production. One Step Ahead. Convince. 

Filmproduction NORD. Effective, Professional, Budget-friendly.  

Social- and Advertising-psychologie, Commercial Film. 

Commercial, Advertising 

Versatile. More than film. Started 2009. 

Concept & Advertising/Social Psychology 

A successful shoot requires professional preparation. We use advertising and social psychology to ensure that the advertising message is communicated efficiently. 

Strategy / concept development & script with 

Focus on your target group and (low) budget. 

Digital Cinema - budget friendly 


Small professional teams and ready-to-use equipment for digital cinema productions ensure that film projects can be realized quickly, efficiently and even with a small budget. 


Director + Team + Equiment. 

Distribution & Partners 


Our target group does not have a million media budget for repeated TV broadcasts. Therefore we have to be efficient and rely on clever placement and distribution on the internet and social media. 


Strategy. Concept. Production. Creativity. 

Conviction ! 

Social Psychology, Communication. 


advertising/social psychology. 

music video. 

commercial film. 

short film. 

film music. 




Filmproduction NORD, in the north of germany. 



Directing, Production: G. Q.u a s t 

Team of various freelancers. 


More than just Film 

(advertising psychological) concept, strategy - pre- and post-production, film music 



underground-b FILM, tasquiro MEDIA 



Blue/Greenscreen Mobile/Studio 

4K UAV recordings 

Cine-Look through various hardware 

Digital Cinema Technology (4k/1080p, 4:2:2) 

CGI 3D animations and landscapes 

Professional post-workflow 




elchlos® FILM 

Filmproduktion NORD from Germany - Commercials - Concept - Digital Cinema Production  





"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it", Albert Einstein 

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